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Schiffer Kids - The Lollipop Monster Meets Clem the Klutz


Larry the Lollipop Monster and his friend Zabby are on their way to a birthday party for their friend, Sanford. On their journey, they meet a monster stuck in a tree: his name is Clem! He is a spirited, lively character who gets a little "klutzy" when he's excited. After helping to untangle Clem from the tree, Larry invites him to join them on their birthday party trek. At the party, Clem, in his whirling excitement, accidentally destroys one of Larry's lollipop creations - the one meant for Sanford's birthday gift. Angry at Clem's clumsy mistake, Sanford shames him away, calling him mean names. But Larry knows that being cruel to others and teasing them is not the right answer: we all make mistakes! Larry and his good friend Zabby help the Land of Monstoria learn the value of forgiveness, respecting each other's differences, and celebrating the uniqueness of every monster. Early reader–ages 5-8. Edition 1. Hardback binding. 64 color illustrations. 32 pages. Author: Krackow, Eric T.