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Ravensburger Penguin Pile Up - Travel Sized Family Game


Ravensburger Penguin Pile Up - Travel Sized Family Game

Wobbly iceberg ahead! Sixteen penguins need to find space, but will they all fit? One by one, carefully pile your penguins onto the ice. As more penguins pile on, the iceberg becomes more and more unstable! Will your penguins keep their balance, or fall into the sea?

Penguin Pile Up promotes turn-taking, planning, and cause-and-effect through play, and can be played solo or with friends and family. For even more challenge, race to be the first penguin to the top!

  • Ages:4+
  • Players:1-4
  • Playing Time:15 minutes
  • A big game in a little box: Big Little Games offer all the fun of a big game in an affordable, portable package.
  • Play solo or as a family.
  • Fun, wobbly penguin iceberg.
  • Easy to learn and quick to play.
  • Family-owned Ravensburger published its first game in 1884 and has been making quality games and puzzles ever since.

Playing Penguin Pile-Up

  • Pick your penguin.
  • Balance on the ice.
  • Don't fall off.