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Polar Panic


In this chilly challenge, players flip over cards one at a time, revealing surprisingly similar sea life. When players spot creatures that match they race to slap them—whoever slaps first collects the cards. But more often than not multiple players will slap multiple cards and there may be more matches than hands, so everyone is involved on every turn. It's fast, fun, and totally . . . cool!

∙ Designed for parents and kids (or kids and other kids) to play together
∙ No waiting for turns—flip over cards and be first to slap the ones that match
∙ Sturdy tin is  easy to bring along in a backpack or purse 


* 50 Linen-finish Fishing Cards
* 5 Linen-finish Fisherman Cards
* 1 Linen-finish Polar Bear Card
* Illustrated Instructions