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These Aren't My Ears - In the Wild

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Read along to solve the mystery of the crinkly ears. Who do they belong to? The elephant? The lion? The giraffe? Fun, rhyming text about your favorite wild animals will offer helpful clues. This interactive kid’s book will entertain children as they read and feel their way to learning about different wild animals. * Bright, colorful, original illustrations of popular farm animals, such as a lion, elephant. hippo, monkey and koala are included in this board book. * Contains a set of crinkly ears attached to the last page for sensory stimulation. * Interactive fun and tactile learning in this children's book will engage young readers. * Toddlers will enjoy stimulating their senses of touch and hearing with the crinkly touch-and-feel ears. Book Details: * Board book with attached crinkly ears * 5" x 6.5" * 10 Pages * Recommended for ages 1 to 6 * ISBN: 9781955044585 * Retail Price: $9.99