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Imagination Starters Chalkboard Find the Fraction Mat


Fractions can be fun!

Ok, maybe not inherently fun but with pizza and pie who can resist?   I designed this mat because my daughter didn't quite get "it".  She could visualize the part of the pie but she just didn't get that a fraction is any part of a whole.  That's why our fraction mat has a rectangle AND a circular pie.  

To use the mat, either circle the fraction and have the child color in the corresponding slices or flip it and color in the slices and have them circle the fraction.

All chalkboard mats are:
Double sided (one side printed, the other plain)
Easy to erase with a cleaning spray, baby wipe or damp cloth
Full color care instructions and UPC code label
Can be used with chalk, chalk crayons (ours are great), or chalk markers
Can handle "kid" treatment