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Rainbow Gel Pen


The Rainbow Gel Pen Gives You A Rainbow To Write With! Each Gel Ink Pen Writes In Five Ink Colors Of The Rainbow - Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, And Purple. Each Ink Color Is Layered Over The Next In Our Own Patented Process. The Rainbow Gel Pen Brings All The Great Qualities Of Gel Ink Pens. The Gel Inks Resist Fading From Sunlight And They'Re Acid-Free, Making These Miniature Ballpoint Pens A Great Fit For Arts And Crafts, Scrapbooking, Yearbooks And School Projects. Gel Pens with A Rainbow Of Five Ink Colors Per Pen. Each Pen Has Purple, Green, Pink, Blue, And Orange 

Built-In Silicone Grip 5 1/2" Long