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Fisher Price Chasing Rainbows Maze


Slide into colorful hands-on play with the Fisher-Price Chasing Rainbows Bead Maze! The brightly colored beads are sized just right for little hands to bat, spin, and slide across the rainbow arches. For more magical fun, your baby can bat the rattle roller or spin the double-sided sun to hear exciting clicking sounds! Where development comes into play Fine Motor: Little fingers get a great workout as they grasp and move the beads from side to side, helping to develop dexterity. Sensory: Bright colors, unique textures, and exciting sounds engage your baby's developing visual, tactile, and auditory skills. Thinking Skills: Little ones develop problem-solving skills as they discover how to slide multiple beads at a time.

  • Age Range: 6 Months and Up
  • 3 colorful arches for sliding beads
  • Multi-colored beads in different shapes to slide back and forth
  • Bat-at roller with rattle beads inside
  • 2-sided sun makes fun clicking sounds as it spins
  • Helps develop dexterity and problem-solving skills as baby plays