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Zzand Stretch Sand Stretchy Sand Kit - Blue


  • Get A Fully Equipped Stretch Sand Kit: Squish, squeeze, mold, and create anything, from a glorious sandcastle to a mesmerizing seafloor full of seashells with the all-inclusive play sand set. You get a single bag of Zzand in one solid color and multiple tools for easy sculpting.
  • Encourage Motor Skills Development: Our stretchy sand encourages children to squish, smash, cut, or pinch it. They can also scoop it helping them to get familiar with everyday utensils like spoons.
  • All The Tools You Need To Get Creative: The 6 sculpting tools included in our stretch sand set will help kids getting their imagination going. Get a variety of molds and start creating your own world.
  • More Fun, Less Mess: The great thing about Zzand is that they stretch like slime but are easily moldable like sand. They stick together well so there’s much less of a mess than regular sand.
  • Invest In Prime Stretch Sand: The Zzand Stretch Sand is made with carefully chosen materials in order to be sure that it is safe for your kids to use. Now you don't have to worry about their safety.