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Cake Off

$8.99 $19.99

This sweet little game for kids uses a simple recipe to mix up a big batch of fun. Shout “Cake Off!” to start, then pass a card to your neighbor. Think quickly and pass fast—the game doesn’t stop until one baker holds five matching cards and sneakily touches the cake plate. The other bakers race to touch the plate too—all but the last one gets a stamp on the back of the hand. The player with the most stamps is the Cake Off champ in this twist on one of the best-known kids games of all-time (Spoons).

∙ 4 colorful, wash-off stampers provide a unique scoring system 
∙ Combines strategy, luck, and quick reflexes 
∙ Multiple rounds give all players a chance to be winners
∙ A twist on one of the most popular kids games of all-time