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Best Bath Bomb Kit Ever (Super Zap!)


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Ready to unleash your creativity and make bath time a fizzing, foamy fiesta of fun? Learn to mix, decorate and fizz amazing bath bombs with Super Zap: Best Bath Bomb Kit Ever! Follow the simple instructions and illustrative guides and you’ll be getting fizzy in no time.

This kit includes a 64-page book that is filled with step-by-step instructions as well as tips, tricks and handy hints to start you on your bath bomb-making journey! Including stacks of materials to make loads of unique and colourful bath bombs, this cute kit will teach you how to create so-fizz-ticated bath bombs that really make a splash!

• 75 g citric acid
• 30 g potassium chloride
• 110 g sodium bicarbonate
• 3 x bottles of dye (pink, blue, yellow)
• 3 x moulds
• 4 x dye cubes


Estimated box size: 9.45" l x 1.21" w x 2.17"