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About Fungisaurs

Welcome to the world of Fungisaurs!

We are Aiman and Faa, the LA-based creators and storytellers of Fungisaurs. We share a passion for travel, art, quirky collectibles, mushrooms, and dinosaurs. It was only a matter of time till we designed an original toy line combining our interests and multi-perspective thinking learned from real-life experiences.  

The idea of Fungisaurs was born on our way back from Yosemite National Park as we were perusing a mushroom identification handbook and were given dinosaur stickers at In-N-Out Burger. We furiously started sketching the new dinosaur-mushroom hybrid species and prototyped them on a 3D printer upon returning home.

Fungisaurs are carefully-designed, award-winning high-quality collectible toys based on our original dinosaur-mushroom eco characters. Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart, our friendly toys encourage imaginative play, authentic self-expression, and connection to the natural world. With the companion augmented reality (AR) app "Fungisaurs AR," you will be able to scan the toys and bring them to life for immersive digital gameplay.

Learn more about Fungisaurs on fungisaurs.com.

Be sure to follow us fungisaurs on Instagram @fungisaurs.

Cheers, Aiman & Faa, creators of Fungisaurs

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