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Copernicus Toys

Who Are These Copernicans? 

We've always & forever been a family owned & operated business!
Long, long ago two galactic travelers named Ellen & Harris gathered & developed artifacts of science & nature to sell from their home world, Copernicus Toys. After a while, as all beings do, they retired & downloaded the Copernican System to a new duo, Avi & Peggy. 

This new duo & their two tiny daughters fearlessly took on the adventure. Avi had been busy developing keen design sense at what earthlings call a job. Peggy honed her education skills & sense of whimsy far & wide. We carry on to this day making new toys while spending plenty of time with our, now slightly larger, daughters in our own little solar system. 

The Copernican Mission

Play for Joy

Our products have joy & whimsy that also happens to spark imagination and curiosity. Yay, science! We know that even a little science item opens your inquisitiveness to learn more!

Play for all!

At its best, play is free from limits. So, we strive for items that don’t box you in!
 *Multi-age appeal inspires generations to play and learn together.   
*Gender-neutral design empowers you to pursue interests independent of stereotypes and decide for yourself what is fun.
*Nerdy Awesome Toys that scratch your inner geek & stretch what toys can and should be.

Play for Discovery

We see play as a way kids discover
themselves & the world. With our items you build a model, experiment with chemistry, forge new worlds with a bouncy ball, or brew your own soda. 
Our toys & activities develop and exercise problem-solving, fine motor skills, organization, concentration, and so much more!

Design for Play

Our packaging has never been typical. Our products are at home on the shelves of the best toy, museum, and specialty gift stores. We proudly see our wares in the most beautiful & well-curated shops.
High-five to you, buyer! Your store is fantastic!

Source: copernicustoys.com 

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