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Clockwork Soldier

About Clockwork Soldier

Clockwork Soldier is a design-led conscientious gift company. They specialise in creative card and paper activity kits for both children and adults. 

About Clockwork Soldier

Their products are innovative, unique and design driven. They cover evergreen themes like dinosaurs, space and the oceans. Inventive paper engineering meets beautiful retro illustration, with a modern design twist. 

Clockwork Soldier was founded in 2010 from the back bedroom of founder, Rob Dakin’s flat. The original ranges were born from a need for beautiful alternatives to traditional toys, particularly to fill the gap in the market for creative kits aimed at boys. Over the years the brand has developed to include holistic learning themes and the use of sustainable materials. Their offerings have covered gardening kits, stationery sets, puzzles, games and novelty gifts. Now they focus on creative kits that encourage building or making which can also be used to decorate a bedroom wall or desk. 


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Source: https://clockworksoldier.co.uk/pages/about-us