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Box Candiy



Create Outside the Box!

Real Arts & Crafts, Real FUN! BOX CANDIY® by Handstand Kitchen® is a new line of innovative crafting kits designed with fun colorful themes, sure to inspire young creators!

The ever-growing BOX CANDIY collection offers original and engaging projects for kids ages 6 and up, from glitter & foil art to terrariums, night lights, origami, art deco, watercolors, lanterns and more!

Each BOX CANDIY crafting set is a sustainable product made from recycled cardboard and comes in a beautifully designed keepsake storage box that tells a story.

These imaginative art kits provide hours of screen-free fun and are great activities for the family to do together!

BOX CANDIY crafts are fun to make and fun to display. Each kit helps kids stay thoughtfully engaged and entertained, while encouraging self-expression and creativity!

Find Boy Candiy at Green Beans Toys

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