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Wreck Royale 2 Pack


Wreck Royale cars are new crashing, 'exploding' vehicles with Mix 'n Match parts that kids will totally flip for! When Wreck Royale cars crash, their spring-loaded bumpers make them flip and their attached parts 'explode' in all different directions. Each Wreck Royale car comes with exclusive, hilarious 'exploding' car parts that kids can attach to their cars however they want to create their own custom looks. Plus, all Wreck Royale 'exploding' parts worth with all Wreck Royale Cars, so kids can mix 'n match them however they want with any vehicle. Kids can create their own hilarious designs, crash them, and make them 'explode!' Wreck Royale: We have the wrecks!

Twice the Crashing Fun!

Mix and Match right out of the box!

1 Exclusive car and accessories from Singles