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The Original Moj Moj Itty Mystery Packs


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The Original Moj Moj Itty brings more squishy fun in an adorable teeny tiny size! Each Moj Moj Itty package contains 5 adorably tiny characters. There are 150+ adorable Moj Moj Itty characters to collect and trade. And they come in fun new clubs like Small Fries, Magic Beans, and Smarty Pints. Look for the ultra-rare Big character. Collect them all!

  • The Original Moj Moj Itty are squishy fun in a tiny size! 
  • Each package contains 5 adorable Itty characters.
  • 10 fun new clubs! • Rare and ultra-rare characters, including the ultra-rare Big!
  • 150+ to collect and trade!

Random selection. One pack.