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Barbie Chelsea Mini Golf


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Score a hole-in-one with Chelsea doll and her puppy. The two besties come with the Barbie Club Chelsea mini golf playset filled with fun surprises and two levels of imaginative play! Small hands can help Chelsea doll guide the three balls through the course in different ways. The two-level set features a windmill with moving parts to inspire active play. Snap Chelsea doll's golf club to her wrist with its clip, and use it to hit one of the three golf balls toward a hole. Start at the top by sending Chelsea doll up the ladder and aiming the ball along the causeway into the windmill. If it enters the hole, it comes down the spiral and causes the windmill sails to spin -- it's so much fun to repeat over and over! For a putting experience, use the flag piece with its ball catcher to shoot for a hole-in-one -- practice makes perfect. When the game is over, store the three balls in the compartment hidden in the windmill's grass. Chelsea doll can perfect her game wearing a bright blue bodice with colorful heart graphic, a light blue skirt with colorful diamond print and yellow sandals. Her puppy is a captive audience with a sweet expression and a pretty brown color. Young golfers can practice their aim, and imaginations can play out so many stories! It's so much fun at the mini golf course when you can play anytime. Collect other Chelsea dolls and accessories to expand the club and learn that you can be anything with Barbie (each sold separately, subject to availability). Includes Chelsea doll wearing fashion and accessories, mini golf playset with moving windmill, putting flag, golf club with clip, three balls and puppy figure. Colors and decorations may vary. Barbie Club Chelsea Mini Golf Playset with Chelsea Doll:Age Range: 3 Years and UpImaginations can practice their mini golf game with Chelsea doll, her puppy and a mini golf playset with a moving windmill that includes a golf club and 3 balls! Chelsea doll wears a colorful outfit with heart graphic on a blue bodice, a colorful diamond print on her light blue skirt and yellow sandals. The young golfer's has a red golf club that has a clip on the handle to snap onto her wrist for role-play fun!Help Chelsea doll hit a ball with her club into the windmill's top hole to watch it come down the red spiral and cause the sails to spinA putting green with colorful flag and ball catch is perfect for putting practice and holes-in-one!Store the 3 colored balls -1 pink, 1 red and 1 yellow -in the compartment hidden in the "grass" at the base of the windmillCollect other Chelsea dolls and accessories to expand the club and learn that you can be anything with Barbie (each sold separately, subject to availability)