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Knex Dragon Revenge Coaster


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Enter the Dragon's lair, if you dare?will you escape? Think outside the blocks with this real working roller coaster that you build yourself from 578 parts, including classic-sized K'NEX rods and connectors. Once you've built the structure, attach the tower & drawbridge pieces and assemble the dragon - his wings really flap when you turn on the battery-powered motor! Will the light-up coaster car make it past or get caught in the dragon's clutches? Watch as the car dips and dives throughout the burnt out tower and thru the drawbridge, twisting and turning the whole way and back to the working chain lift, where you can begin your quest to escape the dragon all over again! This awesome roller coaster toy includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step building instructions and is appropriate for builders ages 9 and up.K'NEX Dragon's Revenge Thrill Coaster - 578 Parts - Roller Coaster Toy - Ages 9 and up