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Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Summer Peaches


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Meet Summer Peaches and discover the colorful world of Kindi Kids and their amazing interactive Rainbow Kindi!

A doll full of life with big glittery eyes, bobbling heads and removable clothes and shoes.

Check out my two cute Shopkins. Shake up my Peach Smoothie and see the peach slices and ice cubes magically move inside! Then chill out with the Peaches 'N' Cream Popsicle. I can hold her in my hand! I'm so excited to make friends with the Kindi Kids Jessicake, Marsha Mello and Donatina at the Rainbow Kindi, a world of imagination and discovery, where everything comes alive!

1x Toddler Doll, 1x Peach Smoothie Shopkin, 1x Peaches n' Cream Icy Pole Shopkin

11.08" H x 5.2" W x 4.17" D
Age: 3 years & up