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Kid K'nex Wings and Wheels Building Set


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Introduce your kids to the fun world of K'NEX with the Wings & Wheels Building Set from Kid K'NEX. Teach them the basic concepts of building and the art of creating with this adorable playtime set. Jump-start your children's mental development with a toy that lets them have fun while also expressing their ideas! This building set contains 65 large parts and pieces with bright colors and premium quality. Let your kids create basic-looking characters on their own, then help them build advanced figures based on their imaginations! This set includes special parts and pieces that are only available in Kid K'NEX sets, such as wheels and wings. Use the additional special parts to bring the characters to life! This set also comes with an idea sheet that for 20 different builds you and your preschooler can create. Watch your kids create whimsical buddies straight out of their imaginations with this building set! Encourage and support your children's development by igniting their natural curiosity and creativity. Building with theWings & Wheels Building Set helps hone children's hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, cognitive functions, and spatial intelligence. Allow your children's imaginations to flourish with this educational toy! Let them design, construct, and customize their own models and enjoy hours of fun while they play and learn! Get your preschooler the Wings & Wheels Building Set and allow them to experience joyful playtime with their amazing land and air friends! 


  • Snap and click together Kid K'NEX pieces to build!
  • Water resistant
  • Set comes with 65 "perfect for little hands" Kid K'NEX parts and pieces
  • Construct cool friends complete with wheels, wings, nosecone, eyes and more!

Ages 3 and Up