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Fingerlings Untamed Legends Dragon


Introducing Vulcan, the Untamed Legends Dragon. This intelligent beast reacts to your touch with his lifelike wings. Beware...this dragon knows how to attack and protect himself from predators! With new motion-sensing technology, you can move your dragon in different ways to make him react with flapping wings and sound effects. Guide him through the air and make him fly, attack, climb in the air and dive. Clap once to hear him screech and growl. Clap twice to activate guard mode. Watch out in guard mode his chest light will flash blue and red and his wild siren will sound. This legendary dragon is bringing the fire like never before with a chest that burns as bright as flames! Vulcan's chest lights up in different colors depending on his mood. Pet Vulcan's nose or tap the back of his head once or continuously for different reactions. This lifelike dragon reacts to sound, motion, and touch.


  • My name is Vulcan and I'm a living legend
  • My wings flap ; spring open to attack
  • I'm alive I react to touch with my moving head, eyes, and wings
  • I growl, screech & roar
  • My chest lights up based on my mood
  • Batteries required
  • Ages 3+