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Cry Babies Magic Tears - Winged House


Introducing the Cry Babies Magic Tears Winged House Series. In each glittery Winged House, discover a Cry Babies Magic Tears doll that comes with their own unique glittering design. Open the Winged House to discover which doll you get! Every character comes with 4 standard accessories: winged magic bottle, pacifier and either a bow and a toy wagon or a bib and a high chair. The set also includes 2 x unique accessories that match your surprise dolls personality. All of the accessories are glittery! A customized blanket and a personalized stickers sheet are also included. Some special Winged House's also include a rare diamond bling, bow or a pacifier accessory! Feed the Cry Babies Magic Tear doll water with the magic baby bottle, squeeze her belly and she will cry colorful tears! Look out for the exclusive rare character with the magical color change onesie! There are 12+ surprise dolls to collect. Check out Kitoons on YouTube to discover the new Fantasy world of Cry Babies Magic Tears.


One Random Cry Baby Magic Tears Winged House Shipped