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Cool Maker Handcrafted Shower Melts Activity Kit Makes 4 Scented Creations


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Make scented creations for your shower with the Cool Maker Handcrafted Shower Melts kit! This DIY activity kit includes everything you need to create four colorful shower melts that will add fragrance to your shower. Mix the shower melt powder together with pink or blue scented coloring and scoop the mixture into the included flower mold. You can even combine the pink and blue coloring together to make purple. Make each of your shower melts look unique by layering different colors into the mold! Compress the mixture in the mold with the press handle and remove your pretty shower melt from the mold to let it dry overnight. Once it's dry, place the shower melt on the shower floor under running water to enjoy the wonderful scent or put it in one of the included gift bags for a friend! Put the OMG in DIY and mix and press to create with the Cool Maker Handcrafted Shower Melts kit!

- Includes: 1 Shower Melt Press, 4 Gift Bags, 4 Gift Tags, 2 Bottles of Colored Fragrance, 1 Bag of Shower Melt Powder, 1 Measuring Scoop, 1 Instruction Guide