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BABY born Surprise Mermaid Surprise-Brown Hair


Unwrap a bigger bundle of surprises! Now each adorable bundle of joy has so many mermaid-themed surprises inside! ! Give her a bath in her seashell-shaped bathtub to reveal her color change hair. Dry her off with her snuggly mermaid tail towel. Get her dressed in her cute mermaid swimsuit. Bottle feed her so she pees and reveals color change diaper surprises, and charms!

Unwrap 20+ Surprises!


  1. Fully articulated Doll, pose her in so many ways
  2. Molded Unique Hairstyle
  3. Surprise color-change hair
  4. Diaper #1
  5. Diaper #2
  6. Diaper color change #1
  7. Diaper color change #2
  8. Diaper charm #1
  9. Diaper charm #2
  10. Dissolving seashell
  11. Mermaidd swimsuit
  12. Mermaid themed swaddle towel
  13. Bottle
  14. Seashell Bathtub
  15. Bottle feeding feature
  16. Peeing feature
  17. Birth certificate
  18. Surprise Games x4
  19. Bracelet
  20. Two additional charms for bracelet