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BABY born Surprise Dolls Series 3

$12.99 $19.99

We have run out of stock for this item.

Unwrap a bundle of surprises! A new series focused on more fantasy characters and touches of glitter!

Each adorable bundle of joy has so many surprises inside! Reveal your baby's name, gender, hair color, eye color, swaddle, and color change diaper surprise! Feed them water from their bottle and they'll pee!  They are also jointed so you can move their arms and legs.

Unwrap 10+ Surprises!

1. Fabric Packaging / pouch
2. Swaddle
3. Hairstyle
4. Eye color reveal with water
5. Gender
6. Color change diaper
7. Bottle
8. Feeding water feature
9. Peeing water feature
10. Birth certificate
11. Collector’s guide includes name game and other fun activities!

 Baby Born Surprise Includes 

  • Collectible baby with water features
  • Eye color
  • Feeding
  • Peeing
  • Color change diaper
  • Snuggly swaddle
  • Bottle
  • Packaging doubles as blanket
  • Cross-sell poster with birth certificate with games

Each sold separately.