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Poopsie Slime Surprise Drop 4 Fast Food with Two DIY Slimes


Make magical unicorn poop (slime) with new Poopsie Slime Surprise Poop Packs! With a little unicorn magic and sparkle, you can customize unicorn poop and transform it multiple times! When you gotta go, store the poop slime in the collectible Poopsie key chain and/or parodie bottle.

Product Features:

  • NEW "Happy Meal" inspired package
  • 10+ Magic surprises
  • 2 unicorn food packets: TWICE AS MUCH SLIME !
  • Put new colored slime powder in the bottle, add water and STIR (do not shake)
  • New slime texture: Dough slime !
  • Unicorn magic packet
  • New Unicorn Spoon
  • Collectible bottle
  • New Poop keychains
  • Mystery scent dropper
  • Collector’s sheet